Shaping Complex User Histories into Effective Actions

The existing app did not allow participants to onboard, log and track or complete real-time activities like timely medication intake alerts or self-testing. Smit.Fit had to manually gather this data from participants.

Smit.Fit’s offline processes were comprehensive and spanned over multiple days. Our challenge was to compress this output into a streamlined digital experience. To meet this, we focused on three areas of impact:

  1. Implement a complex manoeuvre to move on-boarding online, and to complete this process in no longer than ten minutes;
  2. Design customised life-plans that allowed users a great degree of flexibility and control;
  3. Create an engaging visual hook to ensure user recall and daily engagement to create motivational habits.

Immersion and Customer Journey Mapping

We focused on the micro-interactions in the customer’s journey to dial into that unique Smit.Fit experience. Our user research was leveraged to identify these.

Based on a detailed Smit.Fit customer journey map and in-depth user interviews, we were able to identify several hidden areas of impact. These helped us address existing gaps between the offline and online processes, and allowed us to walk users through the various online processes, like understanding life-plan objectives, defining and setting goals, charting meal plans, and so on, with great ease.

Developing Impactful Habit-Forming Behaviour

Most participants only subconsciously engaged with the five aspects of diabetes healthcare. It was crucial to hero their significance.

We created the ‘pentagon of well-being’. A five-sided pentagon that blossoms into the flower of wellbeing once the user meets each of the five healthcare aspects on any given day. This visual walkthrough resonated with users, creating instant recall value. Using the pentagon as a touchstone, the other elements of the program—how the life-plan was created, what goals to set, and so on, were now easily conveyed.

Our Role: We successfully replicated Smit.Fit’s offline efficiency onto its digital platform. Attention to micro-moments, creating a habit-forming interface, and easy recall value were the key highlights of our design work.

Smit.Fit Testimonial: "We were blown away by the ideas the Spinach team brought forth. Their attention to details and the quality of output is amazing. We are very confident our customers will love the app too."

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