Immersion and Competitor Analysis

How do students and parents gauge the growth and the limitless career opportunities that Plaksha University offers? How is it unique compared to other respectable names and why should a new university be trusted?

We conducted an in-depth persona study to understand what India’s burgeoning middle-class were looking for in their ideal university. Who were these students? What did they aspire to? Our study revealed that Indian students were incredibly ambitious. And attached great aspirational value towards American universities. We then conducted a competition analysis to connect these key sentiments of students (and their parents) to the values of these universities. Based on our learnings here, we were able to formulate an effective communications plan that highlighted the student's learning curve with cross-discipline exposure versus a a degree in some kind on engineering program.

Designing and Testing the Programs

We undertook a mammoth design exercise to construct the programs and their offerings, mapping out the dynamic pages and the various courses on offer, not only in design but also in the Content Management System.

Each course was carefully structured, designed, and colour-coded to highlight core offerings of the High School, UG, and PG programs. This resulted in an easy and methodical navigation process for users. These programs were also A/B tested to gauge how much information the audience could effectively consume through a mobile experience. This user testing helped us land on the right communications strategy for maintaining effective readability and creating a robust visual experience. 

Our Design Process and Role

Spinach Studios was involved from step 1 to the final execution of the entire dynamic website. Our team consisted of user researchers, UX writers, designers, and developers for a turn-key solution and implementation. The design process was carefully constructed to leverage and uncover the vital USPs as well as to keep it relevant through communication and design. Overall, we produced a corporate digital experience that effectively reflects the principles of Plaksha University and its emphasis on the balance between learning and doing.

Testimonial from Plaksha: Spinach offered a user-first approach and expertise in addition to what other companies offered. The best thing was that the entire Spinach team was invested in the outcome. From the immersion exercise to wire-framing to design, it was like working with an in-house team. Spinach had good ideas, the team was collaborative, open to feedback and willing to work on it. They did their best in helping us achieve our objective.