Starting from the top: Decluttering the on-boarding experience

First impressions last. Our detail-driven design helps identify critical flaws in user flows that can hinder the on-boarding process of a new school.

Spinach first mapped the various service touch-points to illustrate the usage of Nucleus. By conducting on-ground interviews with schools and developing visualization techniques with the LEADschool team, we created deep digital profiles. This helped us detect the pain-points in the onboarding experience successfully. We also co-created the new experience with team members from technology and customer experience verticals using their insights from regular school engagement.

Iterative design sprints: UX Design Thinking

Using design thinking techniques, we re-designed the setup and reporting experience that enabled any type of school to on-board themselves and visualise their daily progress.

The next step was to distill the different versions of user journeys that were tested with on-ground teams as well as partner schools. To empower schools lacking a digital imprint or excel sheet records, we created interfaces that the school administration was familiar with. We mitigated repetitive tasks like form filling by re-designing the user flow and creating a detailed layer of communication. The reason? Give the user adequate information to complete their online tasks.

An easy and simple-to-use interface

Through a balanced use of brand colours, we created visual delight by designing micro-interactions and iconography that keeps the user informed at every step. We also added value for users and encouraged engagement with a complex digital system.
Our obsessive eye for detail and fundamental iterative processes, along with a cohesive partnership with client teams helped us create a successful on-boarding and reporting experience. The results speak for themselves with overwhelming positive reviews from new as well as existing users.