Decoding data through intuitive visualisations

Complex algorithms from the backend formed the backbone of Trace+, and the primary challenge lay in making sense of so much data for workplace managers.

While the tracking movement and assessing risk of the large body of employees were made easy through the product itself, we broke down the complexity to a few simple key indicators that were visualised on graphs. This made is easy for any layman to monitor the admin system, and make decisions to run sanitisation drives, or update the working capacity of the organisation to attempt and optimise risk, without losing time.

Designing inclusively for a diverse workforce around the world

A tech driven product does not have to be challenging for the users. With this core thought in mind, we had to create an employee interface that could keep the employees informed, and accountable in a workspace.

The employee interface emerged with progressive status indicators, warnings for overtly social or mobile employees, and helpful insights to manage risk. Since tracking parameters were different for employees working out of office and home, we also created a way for users to switch between Work From home and Work from office modes This ensured that our users saw only what was relevant to their working context. Further, this interface also saw a bifurcation in managers and employees to allow better team management without involving the admin at every step.

Creating a cohesive Brand visual language that drives digital presence

After the features and functionalities were created, we had to make the interface intuitive and usable by everyone. This was achieved by leveraging a customer first design language, and tweaking the information architecture to make every aspect classified into comprehensive modules. As a result, the enterprise platform was divided into 5 broad modules that simplified the find ability of each option, and reduced cognitive load

Trace+ as a brand came to us with only a logo, and we were able to magnify it into a robust visual language right from the colour palette, illustrations, iconography to even interactions and animations. These assets were used consistently in the product website, and the various interfaces of the enterprise platform to amplify the brand identity, and create a consistent visual experience throughout.

Client testimonial

We are an early stage start-up and needed a professional, best-in-class team to help partner with us and transform our product vision into a user journey led design. We were looking for a single team that can help us think through our product vision and convert that into web and mobile apps through intuitive UX and engaging UI. Spinach helped us solve this need.

Spinach is a tight knit boutique design firm with the right set of capabilities required to deliver on user journey led designs for a wide variety of domains. They are great people to work with, a lot of work went in the background before it was brought up for discussions and reviews which made final decision making very easy - Nitin Gupta, Co-founder of Trace Plus Technologies Pvt. Ltd.