Understanding agents better

Mutual Fund distributors (MFDs) are an unorganized segment. Hence, we first categorized them based on their goals, pain-points and business purpose.

By distilling these key human and industry insights, we identified the core persona that was crucial for creating a prototype. Fueled by our extensive primary research and with valuable inputs from the product team, we carved out specific features to maximize the agent and customer relationship and experience. Each feature was rapidly iterated to create frictionless user experience.

A digital first design

Blending powerful customer experience and distinct visual branding with path-breaking interface design.

By creating a predominantly white interface, our design team developed unique iconography and styling for the on-boarding and dashboard design. We also introduced a bespoke set of easy relatable isometric icons to aid the sales team for various online and offline campaigns. The dashboard and portfolio journeys were easy to read and simple to use, with clear navigation patterns and visual cues.

Testing the solution on-ground

We ran a series of highly evaluative research studies across Western and Southern India to get deeper insights on our platform versus the existing scenario. The studies revealed eye-opening facts about the needs faced by the industry. It also empowered the company's vision for this platform, and the path forward.
By continuously meeting and collaborating with agents to test different hypotheses and assumptions, we were able to categorise, problem-solve and make adjustments in real-time. A result that not only revolutionized our client’s business but also created growth opportunities for agents by augmenting their services.