Decoding personas: Immersion and Communication Strategy

To create a compelling storyline, our immersion process was a pivotal exercise to decode SME personas from different sectors.

To get to the core of the business, we devoted time to understand the different products. We identified how they impacted various businesses lines. This strategy became the foundation as each product was decoded and simplified through distinctive design and sharp content.  

Visualizing technology with handcrafted animations

Our understanding of complex technology helped us to strategically translate the messaging into a bold yet relatable visual style.

Keeping the user flows focussed on elucidating the products and businesses they benefit, we designed the product features in simple visuals. The factual user scenarios across different businesses were used as direct messaging tools for the SME sector. Using animations and iconography, we created simple yet relatable visual messaging.

A UX design derived on engagement 

The narrative and user flows were designed to address aspirations, as well as pain-points faced by the target audience. By continuously building prototypes and testing these scenarios we repurposed the BhaiFi strategy in a more action-focused manner that was relatable for SME owners and drove engagement for Bhaifi.
Each micro-journey was designed with detail. We tested every call-to-action and directed a seamless customer engagement for the company. User delight, comprehension, and engagement were enhanced through animations that illustrated the meaning of each product with pure simplicity.